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The International Association of Chinese Allergists and Immunologists Dermatology (IACAID) is created to facilitate cooperation between Chinese allergists and immunologists (non-Chinese participants are welcome as well) with the overall goal of advancing our specialty and optimizing and improving care of patients with allergy and/or immunological disorders.

Our mission statement is as follows:

“To establish a non-profit organization in which to increase communication and mutual cooperation amongst allergists and immunologists of Chinese (and non-Chinese) origin who participate in clinical practice, education, or scientific research in their respective fields, for the benefit of allergy and immunology patients worldwide.”

Our Specific objectives:

  1. To establish scholarships for new trainees at the medical student, intern, resident and fellow level.
  2. To provide financial or logistical support for educational meeting or research projects.
  3. To establish a fund to increase public awareness of allergic and immunologic diseases, through community based projects and other public event.
  4. To provide a forum for cooperation amongst other allergy/immunology organizations such as the WAO, AAAAI, ECAAI, ACAAI, etc.
  5. To foster educational opportunities and discussions between allergists and immunologists on all continents.
  6. To address and support research on issues specifically related to allergic and immunologic diseases in Chinese people.
  7. To promote allergy and immunology as a specialty for young scientists and physicians of Chinese origin beginning a career in medicine.

To achieve these goals, the organization shall engage in initiatives that are appropriate for the times. At this time, we are actively recruiting your participation in IACAI and your support of our mission. You may choose to be as active as you wish, and if you just want to be involved to offer your support, we would be honored to welcome you. Please join us in this exciting new endeavor!


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